Created based on information taken from the official script files. Some of the most useful and interesting information was found there and put into the interactive table for easier reading.

In these tables you can find values of different in-game stuff like parameters of creatures, buildings, trees and miracles. Most of them were not shown in any official guides, but can be very helpful in building own maps, creating strategies or choosing creatures.

If you ever wanted to become a racist, this is your chance. Get to know different tribes better and learn to hate some of them! Or even all. (Really, humans are just terrible). How much wood do their buildings cost? How much influence do they add? Or how many stupid mortals can fit inside? (more than you think, trust me... Just need to press with your feet stronger).

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Tribe name
Name of the Tribe. (DebugString:48)
House Wood Sum
Total amount of wood required to build all types of living houses of this tribe (6 in total, one house of each type).
The total amount of Villages of this Tribe in Story Mode (Includes the optional Village of Land 5).
Tribe nameHouse Wood SumVillages
0 Celtic 108004
1 African 100000
2 Aztec 99003
3 Japanese 99003
4 Indian 98005
5 Egyptian 106001
6 Greek 112003
7 Norse 112507
8 Tibetan 224003