Created based on information taken from the official script files. Some of the most useful and interesting information was found there and put into the interactive table for easier reading.

In these tables you can find values of different in-game stuff like parameters of creatures, buildings, trees and miracles. Most of them were not shown in any official guides, but can be very helpful in building own maps, creating strategies or choosing creatures.

Trees... Trees are everywhere... Green bros are greeting you when you look out of your window or go outside to buy some milk. But how much do we really know about them? For example... How much wood can an oak give you? (Zero, because you are annoying). How much magical power will you get if you sacrifice a palm to yourself? These really important answers (and much more!) you can find below. (And "below" means on this page, you weirdo... Not under your table. There are only spiders.)

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What type of tree this is (and which version of it: A, B, C). (DebugString:48)
Amount of wood that a player can get from this tree. (WoodValue)
Amount of Prayer Power that a player can get by sacrificing this tree. (SacrificeValue)
The speed at which the tree grows (both naturally and when watered). (GrowthAmount)
Parameter important for calculation of the gravity (for example, it affects how the tree will fly if you throw it). (Weight)
Amount of heat/fire that a tree can withstand before starting burning. Also affects the speed of putting the fire down (the harder it is to put the tree on fire, the harder it is to put the fire down). (HeatCapacity)
0 Beech Tree 700400 0.01010001000
1 Birch Tree 500400 0.01010001000
2 Cedar Tree 700400 0.01010001000
3 Conifer Tree 350500 0.02010001000
4 Conifer A Tree 350500 0.02010001000
5 Oak Tree 80010000.00510001000
6 Oak A Tree 80010000.00510001000
7 Olive Tree 500250 0.00510001000
8 Palm Tree 300250 0.00510001000
9 Palm A Tree 300250 0.00510001000
10Palm B Tree 300250 0.00510001000
11Palm C Tree 300250 0.00510001000
12Pine Tree 350350 0.02010001000
13Bush Tree 15 100 0.01020 100
14Bush A Tree 15 100 0.01020 100
15Bush B Tree 15 100 0.01020 100
16Cypress Tree 400400 0.01010001000
17Cypress A Tree 400400 0.01010001000
18Tree - Copse 700200 0.01010001000
19Tree - Copse 2 700200 0.01010001000
20Tree - Hedge 100110 0.010100 200
21Tree - Hedge 2 100110 0.010100 200
22Burnt Tree 0 110 0.010100 200