Created based on information taken from the official script files. Some of the most useful and interesting information was found there and put into the interactive table for easier reading.

In these tables you can find values of different in-game stuff like parameters of creatures, buildings, trees and miracles. Most of them were not shown in any official guides, but can be very helpful in building own maps, creating strategies or choosing creatures.

Leashes are one of the most used tools in the game. They allow you to control your creature and affect his decisions. There are three different leashes: Leash Of Aggression, Leash Of Learning, Leash Of Compassion. The fourth one (chain) is mention few times, but is not used in the actual game.

Before drawing a gesture of a Leash, first need to draw the following gesture:

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In-game commentaries about this Leash.
Gesture for activating the Leash.
Name of the Leash.
Picture of the Leash (Texture leash.raw).
1 Leash Of Aggression
2 Leash Of Learning
3 Leash Of Compassion