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Posted by: dvicelulares - 06-11-2022, 14:18 - Forum: Uploads - No Replies

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Posted by: dvicelulares - 06-11-2022, 10:57 - Forum: Uploads - No Replies

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  Help with the BWGraphicMod colour change function
Posted by: Jeff McJeff - 01-20-2022, 15:25 - Forum: Modding - Replies (10)

Hi everyone

For a long time ive been wanting to change the red colour on the temple influence. I know theres a colourswap mod and BW ultimate, but ive had issues getting them to work smoothly. I *almost* had it working with the BWGraphic Mod, by following the instructions it did change the player colour, temple beam and miracle rings to a custom hex colour but not the rest (shown in image links):

It worked! (almost)
Gestures almost working
Map Icons still Red
Worship site still red

but I have 3 questions for the community:

1) Main issue, how do i get it to fully override the red player colour? The effect only seems to work for the players influence, statistic bars, temple beam and micracle enhancement rings, but not for charging miracles at the worship site/prayer energy. The gestures half work, they leave the right colour-trail, but the sparkle activation graphic ontop of it remains red. Finally the icons in the temple are also red on the island map. What else do i need to add to the "main" script file to fully override the colour?

2) Alt tabbing cancels the effect, which people have already commented on, from what ive seen the only solution is to play in windowed mode but was curious if theres any scripting that would make the effect persistent like in the BWultimate. Not much of an issue otherwise, pretty quick to just relaunch the game.

3) Ive been using it alongside the fanpatch v1.42 with no conflicts or issues in order to have the resolution work properly, but everytime i boot the gameup theres a pop-up telling me to roll the patches back, can this be turned off/disabled? otherwise like above, its ignorable.

Heres everything written in the "Main" Notepad file for the BWgraphicmod:

ScriptVersion = 50;

 You are using BaW Graphics Mod Manager, created by the owners of http://bawsite.com/ and made for the creation (with extended capabilities) and loading of different Mods. It also allows to change the colors of the players (this change can be made as part of a Mod).
 Do not publically redistribute the main files of the project without permission of any of the owners of http://bawsite.com/.
 It is forbidden to modify or remove this comment.

/* Default player colors:
SetPlayerColors('#1ADB4A', '#47FF54', '#E347FF', '#47F9FF', '#FFFD47', '#4777FF', '#FFA247', '#000000');

//Choose the player colors here
SetPlayerColors('#1ADB4A', '#0000FF', '#FF0000', '#00FF00', '#00FFFF', '#FFFFFF', '#000000', '#000000');

//Mod list to load

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  error when trying to launch
Posted by: coopkramer - 08-19-2021, 07:12 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (13)


i do believe i have installed the game and all the bits correctly but i keep getting this error when i try to launch the game

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Black & White: Ultimate
Posted by: Shane - 03-27-2021, 19:49 - Forum: Modding - Replies (1)

I released Black & White: Ultimate today as part of the 20th anniversary for Black & White. Like I mentioned before, it combines the original game and Creature Isle all into one game, plus a ton of extra features.

Check out the trailer for it! Hope you enjoy it!

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  How to create inWorld Text/Images?
Posted by: Kratzean - 02-23-2021, 20:42 - Forum: Modding - Replies (2)

On your Video (News, mainpage from 30/12/2017 21:30 with the Gras), I sometime see, that there appears a number and a player Symbol in the world at the hand position (I think, that this presents the alignment changings for a player).

How this works? Because perhaps I like to make something similar with my ingame Purchasements and receiving tribute, so that it looks more similar to bw2.
And also it's possible to spawn images in color similar to this way, and perhaps with more than a 256x256 resolution?

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  Black & White: Ultimate (v1.20)
Posted by: Shane - 01-26-2021, 15:31 - Forum: Modding - Replies (6)


I haven't fully publicly released my mod yet (outside of the Black & White Discord), so I thought I'd showcase it here.

Black & White: Ultimate is a large modification based on Black & White: Creature Isle. It includes the original Black & White story, the original Creature Isle story and a bunch of extra features, all in a single mod. This means you can play the original Black & White with all the features from Creature Isle!

Ultimate also includes some extra features, such as:
- A Custom Intro Menu
- Full Colour Customisation
- Temple Selection
- Hard Mode (original Black & White only, doesn't apply to Creature Isle)
- Improved AI (Hard Mode only. AI is far better as expanding, enemy Creatures actually attack others, impress towns etc.)
- Bug Fixes (such as a Pathing Fix for CI)
- Improved Multiplayer (Custom Colours, Custom Temples, Ally/Team support, Saving/Loading).
- Fixed Visuals (I'm using your patch to fix visuals for CI, so thank you very much!)

Here's a few videos showcasing the mod:
- (v1.20 - Creature Isle Update + Latest Intro Menu) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C03pvtzzlbg
- (v1.10 - Multiplayer Update. Shows off Player selected Colours + Temples) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl1rkZDcw7Q
- (Nemesis Wins - (Hard Mode) ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa-B2y0Bhyg

There's still a few minor things I want to do before I publicly release Ultimate. Let me know what you guys think!

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  Resolution + Graphics mod manager
Posted by: Kelden - 10-24-2020, 22:11 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (1)

Hey, played Black and White when I was a kid loved this game, decided I'll do another playthrough of it decades later

I have installed/uninstalled everything a few times trying to follow all the correct installation steps, and I've seem to finally be in a place where the game launches fine. But I'm having a few issues

Resolution - When I play on my monitor, my resolution 1680x works fine, however when I switch my monitor output to my 60" plasma TV the resolution gets stretched way off the screen if I try to do anything higher then 1024x768 seems to be the only resolution that will actually keep everything on the screen. I've tried basically every resolution fix I could think of, TV itself, nivdia resolution settings for my GPU, windowed mode, regeditor which does work at changing resolution, but it still just stretches it off the screen.

I wanted to  try using the baw graphics mod manager, I'm not great at code, but I read the instructions - my game is on v1.3 using the no cd crack like in the guide, so my game works fine on 1024x768 resolution on my TV, but whenever I add the Mods folder and ddraw.dll to my black and white game folder, my runblack.exe refuses to open the game while those folders are inside my game folder, and the moment I remove them, my game launches fine. The exception to this is I can launch the game with the mods folder with the runblackprepatch.exe, but whenever I add LoadMod('Green Fire - Lant'); as an example to any Main text document even my runblackprepatch.exe refuses to launch the game.

I feel like my last chance to get a resolution beyond 1024x768 without stretching it off my TV screen, is using this graphics mod manager, but I can't get it to work to try it. But I am still open to other ideas of how to not get it to stretch off my screen, it's not like I have to get this mod manager to work, I just would like to play the game on a higher resolution, my monitor works but its kind of out of the question since I have a neck injury, I need to play it on my TV where I use a controller (I am fine using controller and editing bindings and using joystick as mouse)

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