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  Trouble patching B&W on WIndows 10
Posted by: BushyPuppet - 08-11-2018, 13:15 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (3)

Hi everyone. I'm delighted to have found this community. I adore B&W and have wanted to play it for years. I recently found a way to get it running, but alas, I can't seem to install any of the patches. I can run v 1.0 with a no-CD crack no problem . But I used to play it with the CD and the patches worked just fine. I can't figure out how to do it and it's driving me nuts! Please Help!

The first picture I  have attached shows what happens when I try to patch with the cracked runblack.exe in the Black & White forlder.

The second image shows what happens when I try to use the cracked exe AFTER patching the original one.

After this point I'm stumped and I don't know what to do! Sad

I mean, I COULD play the game unpatched, but that wouldn't be the version of the game I grew to love and worship (no pun intended)

I'd really appreciate all the help you guys can offer, and thanks so much for being as enthusiastic about this game as you are.
It really gives me hope and makes me look forward to the day this game gets the re-release it truly deserves.

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Conor

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  Newest update (30/12/2017) - Grass
Posted by: Lant - 12-30-2017, 21:50 - Forum: Main hall - Replies (4)

Hi everyone!

I want to show what type of work is going on at the moment. Just look at how overgrown a village may become if you don't play the game for a really long period of time. Poor children, they can't see where to run...

Watch video here

It is not all, just a little glimpse on the possibilities that may be opened after some time. Write your comments if you are interested or have any suggestions.

 - Lant

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  BaW Patch 2.0 No main game Files found!
Posted by: Jackl - 12-26-2017, 16:17 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (8)


haven't played BaW for a few years but then i found your guide about how to save a game in multiplayer and was eager to try it with my friend.

I followed your installation guide step by step, but everytime i start the BaW patch 2.0 it says "no main game files found" press enter to exit.

i tried BaW patch 1.0 too with the same result.

Help is very appreciated  Smile

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  Adding own DLLs or edit existing DLLs???
Posted by: Kratzean - 12-10-2017, 21:21 - Forum: Modding - Replies (1)

Like the ddraw.dll file of the Graphics Mod Manager, is there another DLL file the game can read automatic?

Because I want to implement for my mods, like the extra land heights some changes into a own DLL file for permamament usings (perhaps like the graphics mod with own comands in a text file...).
Perhaps it's possible, to edit a existing dll file (like multiplayer.dll or LHDialogLib.dll), to implement some commands with the start of the game???

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  Problems with the b&w Graphics Manager
Posted by: Kratzean - 11-03-2017, 20:43 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (13)

I want to say, that sometime, when I want to use the B&W Graphics Manager in CI, the game crashes after running, or sometimes have big graphic glitches.

And in B&W the game crashes instantly, when I try to use the B&W G.M.

But a good point: The EnableAlignInfoTest(1) Command works fine!!!! Very good work!^^ Big Grin

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  Extracting Informations from info.dat AND add extra objects
Posted by: Kratzean - 09-13-2017, 17:06 - Forum: Modding - No Replies

At the moment I am extracting the Informations from the CI info.dat into info*.txt files and I finished the first 4 ofd them.

But (I tried it in the normal B&W game), I can't add new objects, because I think, there are special offsets for this. I tried to change it with IDE in the exe file (I test to add a own spell), but every time I tried to add an extra object into the text files and used it, the game crashes. The game didn't load the extra informations in the text file.

You can find the different functions for the Objects (like spells) at this area ...

.... in Creatureisle.exe: 0042CC60

.... in runblack.exe: unknown (search for example for the String 'DETAIL_MAGIC_GENERAL_INFO' with IDA).

I opened it with IDA. When somebody knows a way, to add extra objects/entries (by increasing values or change offsets...), it would be very fine^^

edit: info5.txt done too^^

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  BaW Graphics Mod Manager for AllMeshes.g3d and Landscapes?
Posted by: Kratzean - 09-01-2017, 14:39 - Forum: Modding - Replies (6)

It's possible, to load high quality textures with the BaW Graphics Mod Manager for the l3d-Files, stored in the AllMeshes.g3d?
Because l3d files (wothout the BaW Graphics Mod Manager) only can use 256x256 Textures. And for example for the B&W2-Trees I want to use the 1024x1024 textures.

And perhaps its possible, to use high quality textures (or modify the textures) of a single landscape to? I only want to make it possible, for landscapes, objects.... for all textures with a 256x256 format, to use higher formats like 1024x1024 or more, because this looks better.

It's possible or planed to add to the BaW Graphics Mod Manager functions, to use more memory for the game, so that thew game can show more objwects, effects and don't lag with the B&W trees, which I replaced with the BW-trees in the allmeshes.g3d?

edit: The new version of the GMM make problems with CI. Sometime the game crashes, or the game doesn't load the textures from data/textures....

edit 2: Replacing textures with "AddNewEffect('smallbump.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\smallbump.tga');" doesn't work... When I try it, sometime the game crashes too...
Sry, the GMM is a good idea and can make some nice texture changes, but is still very buggy. Sad At the moment it's impossible, to use it without problems in CI.

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  Newest update (29/08/2017)
Posted by: Lant - 08-30-2017, 20:27 - Forum: Main hall - Replies (7)

Hi everyone.
The time has come for this big update to finally be born. Actually we planned to release it at 21 march, but different things got in the way, and later we decided to add more features. Maybe it is even good, because now this update is a lot bigger and better than was planned. Sadly, it is probably the last version supporting IE 4(if anyone is still using it!). But anyway, you can find a lot of new stuff. Here is the short list:

- Tables with additional information about Creatures, Miracles, Leashes, Tribes, Buildings and Trees
- Small fixes and new features on the site
- New version (0.51) of BaW Graphics Mod Manager (Small fixes, FullScreen windowed mode and a way to set the window size)
- Official script files taken from B&W for Mac
- Original info.dat files in Files/Missing Files part
- Two new articles: info.dat secrets and ZSpellFiles
- Some new Mods available on the forum
- Pictures of the websites on the Links page

That is not all. One of the most important new things may be added separately soon.

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  Editing txt.zzz-Files
Posted by: Kratzean - 08-15-2017, 12:58 - Forum: Modding - Replies (2)

Somebody have an idea, how I can edit a txt.zzz file?

This files contains effects for wonders and other visual effects like fireworks.

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  555 and 16b files
Posted by: sylcai - 06-28-2017, 16:01 - Forum: Modding - Replies (2)

Has someone figured out a way to extract the images properly from these files? I am able to open them, but the interlacing is so strange.

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