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  Draw Dist
Posted by: Moogie - 08-25-2019, 19:58 - Forum: Modding - Replies (12)

Hello! Hope this post works, as the forum is refusing to send the email verification code.

I'm patching out LOD/draw distance limitations. Decent success so far, but I'm stumped on the final hurdle.

I've managed to make the following edits:

-Unlimited zoom (to the skybox, at least)
-Full LOD on all objects at any distance, including people and creatures
-Certain buildings/forests stay visible at medium distance rather than disappearing
-No gradual transparency fade of distant objects--they're either visible, or they're not
-No "darkening to black" of distant objects

It looks pretty good already, but things still disappear at a certain distance away, and every object treats this differently. For instance, sheep disappear SUPER quick when you pull back, whereas trees stay visible for a very long time. They all seem to be comparing against the ESI register, but I have to admit, I'm just an enthusiastic beginner to hacking and my fumbling attempts have not gotten to the bottom of this yet.

I want to make everything -- including villagers -- remain visible, no matter how far out you zoom. I know some people here have made attempts at this in the past, but all the threads are old, links are dead, and information is scant. I'm posting in the hopes that someone might still be around to help out or give me some pointers (no pun intended) so that I might make and upload my own patch for y'all.

Here's some comparison shots:

In a gif for easier viewing

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  Map Editor/Viewer Name?
Posted by: Shane - 05-01-2019, 21:44 - Forum: Modding - Replies (5)

Hey guys  Big Grin 

Was having a browse around the site and I stumbled across this image: http://bawsite.com/gal2/screen3.jpg
What tool is this? It looks super clean and looks like it could be helpful for creating maps, something I've always struggled with.

I noticed it was categorised as your own gallery. Is this an editor you are working on? If so, do you ever plan to release it?

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  Creature Height after age 18?
Posted by: Shane - 04-20-2019, 13:34 - Forum: Gameplay - Replies (1)


As far as I know, the creature grows very quickly before he turns 18, but what about after? Does his growth rate keep decreasing as he gets older or does it just stay at a static low rate after 18? Also, is creature growth different in CI?

Asking because I have a creature who is age 100+ but not full height yet.


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  Compiling a new challenge.chl file
Posted by: Shane - 04-17-2019, 21:55 - Forum: Modding - Replies (14)

Hello everyone.

I know this has been asked before but I would like to make some very small changes to the challenge.chl file. I saw some programs such as "CHLEX" and "CHASM", which can decompile and recompile the challenge.chl file.
I had success decompiling the challenge.chl file using "CHLEX" but could not recompile the challenge.chl file using "CHASM". I was able to compile one of the example scripts however.

I want to do this for Black & White, not CI. I was linked https://filehorst.de/download.php?file=bbfHEGqg from my previous post here before, but I'm fairly sure this is only for the CI scripting tool.

One thing I'd like to do is simply remove the script that is called to spawn the throwable villager in Land 3. By the looks of it, the script associated with this is called "ThrowBlokeMain" and removing this should be as simple as removing the line that calls this script.
Could someone provide me a small tutorial on the basic compiling of the challenge.chl file either with the mentioned programs above ("CHASM" and "CHLEX") or another way that would be better? Unless it's just not possible for Black & White at all?

Thank you!

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  20 new Temple Styles
Posted by: Kratzean - 03-29-2019, 18:13 - Forum: Uploads - Replies (2)

This pack contains 20 new temple styles. Read the Readme for more informations and how to use them.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip   Extra Temple Designs.zip (Size: 4.69 MB / Downloads: 2)
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  B&W CI Player Settings v1.19
Posted by: Kratzean - 03-18-2019, 21:38 - Forum: Uploads - Replies (2)

A updated Version of my Extrasettings Tool for Black&White CI, To change different attributes of the Gods.

It includes the Extra Landheight tool with 3 different options.

Mirror 1: https://www.4shared.com/zip/lkP7d2o1gm/B...v1190.html

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.zip   B&W CI Player Settings v1.9.0.zip (Size: 8.3 MB / Downloads: 2)
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  Create info*.txt and chl files??
Posted by: Kratzean - 03-14-2019, 20:12 - Forum: Modding - Replies (10)

Hey! I want to ask, if it's possible, to make a info*.txt file backwards from a info.dat file?
Like extracting this file.

Because in CI there are no info*txt (from a MAC-Version) for this game. And a info*.txt file is easier to edit.
At first it's ok, to extract this file without using the (unknown) enums (like enums for creature isle buildings).

If there a way, or a tool to make this possible?

Perhaps it's possible in a similar way, to extract a chl file or ti write a tool to do this? Because I like to extract the CI info.dat file to use the script files from there, to merge it with my Genesismod Story.

Also there is a problem with the AVI sequences in CI, because in the creatureisle.exe file, there is some code missing, to use the avi sequences for modding. I like to find a way to fix this, so that I can use the original BW-Story in CI with the Avi Sequences.

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  Creating Multiplayer Maps
Posted by: Shane - 09-29-2018, 15:47 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (2)

Hi there.

I've been making a few multiplayer maps with no issues but recently I encountered a strange error. The maps I created without issues were 3 or more players (3 citadels).

I'm using BW Express to create the maps but for some reason, when I try convert a map with 2 or less citadels (2 players), it gives me an error saying that the map does not have enough citadels (less than 2), even though the map clearly has two.

Any idea why this is happening? If not, can anyone recommend a different tool that can create multiplayer maps? I tried setting up BWWorldMod but I couldn't get it working.


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Posted by: Shane - 09-18-2018, 21:05 - Forum: Modding - Replies (2)

Hey guys.

Is there a way to edit the challenge.chl file? Or even force the game to use the quest .txt files that are available from the Mac version? (similar to using the .txt instead of the info.dat)

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  Windows 10, CTD after first two titles
Posted by: Snake7752 - 08-17-2018, 21:47 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (3)

Hey all,

Hope you can help, as I REALLY want to play this game again. I've followed numerous guides to get B&W 1 to run on windows 10, including yours.

I can get it to work, and it loads up, but after the first two screens ( lion head icon and then the black and white icon ) the game crashes to the desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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