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  Resolution + Graphics mod manager
Posted by: Kelden - 10-24-2020, 22:11 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (1)

Hey, played Black and White when I was a kid loved this game, decided I'll do another playthrough of it decades later

I have installed/uninstalled everything a few times trying to follow all the correct installation steps, and I've seem to finally be in a place where the game launches fine. But I'm having a few issues

Resolution - When I play on my monitor, my resolution 1680x works fine, however when I switch my monitor output to my 60" plasma TV the resolution gets stretched way off the screen if I try to do anything higher then 1024x768 seems to be the only resolution that will actually keep everything on the screen. I've tried basically every resolution fix I could think of, TV itself, nivdia resolution settings for my GPU, windowed mode, regeditor which does work at changing resolution, but it still just stretches it off the screen.

I wanted to  try using the baw graphics mod manager, I'm not great at code, but I read the instructions - my game is on v1.3 using the no cd crack like in the guide, so my game works fine on 1024x768 resolution on my TV, but whenever I add the Mods folder and ddraw.dll to my black and white game folder, my runblack.exe refuses to open the game while those folders are inside my game folder, and the moment I remove them, my game launches fine. The exception to this is I can launch the game with the mods folder with the runblackprepatch.exe, but whenever I add LoadMod('Green Fire - Lant'); as an example to any Main text document even my runblackprepatch.exe refuses to launch the game.

I feel like my last chance to get a resolution beyond 1024x768 without stretching it off my TV screen, is using this graphics mod manager, but I can't get it to work to try it. But I am still open to other ideas of how to not get it to stretch off my screen, it's not like I have to get this mod manager to work, I just would like to play the game on a higher resolution, my monitor works but its kind of out of the question since I have a neck injury, I need to play it on my TV where I use a controller (I am fine using controller and editing bindings and using joystick as mouse)

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  Patching Help
Posted by: TrishTheTruth - 10-16-2020, 18:42 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (1)

Hello, glad to find a still active community for this lovely game. I just wish I could actually get it to function properly.

I've been at this for the last twelve hours. I can get the game to run vanilla with no patches or mods, my only issue is saving. I've scoured the internet and tried every fix I could find: I turned off UAC, I ran the game as administrator, I changed folder permissions, and I've tried patching. I can get it to save the first time and then never again. Copy/pasting the save data from the local temp files did nothing, so the hope of "restoring" any saves seems futile. 

Also, patching. I cannot, for the life of me, successfully patch this game. I even used bawfiles step by step installation guide, but the game just refuses to run with any patch and I've tried a few. Following the guide at bawfiles, the game doesn't even start up at all. I'm at my wits end. I love this game, but I've never been able to beat it because I can't get my game to save (or I get to land 5 during a marathon and die haha forcing me to start back at the beginning). 

I don't understand why this game gives so much trouble when BaW2 works like a charm.

Does the bawfiles guide leave room for error? why would following that guide to the letter not work? 

Installed game as directed.
Installed 1.30 patch and accompanying .dll file.
UAC is completely disabled.
Installed Villager banter addon.
Installed the BaW Patch 2.0 (since using a crack).
Copied Audio file over from CD.
Launched Setup.exe and all I changed was 16bit color over to 32bit color.
Didn't edit registry files for widescreen, I'm happy to just get it working in 800x600.
Didn't touch compatibility mode.
Running on Windows 10.

If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I just wanna be able to play this game without issues and with saves.

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  Creature Isle Pathing
Posted by: Shane - 09-09-2020, 01:44 - Forum: Modding - Replies (8)


I recently finished porting all of the Black & White story into the Creature Isle engine and during this, I noticed that the pathing for the villagers is...strange.

There are a good few times where the villagers fail to get up or down hills and can get constantly stuck in a loop. They even sometimes starve to death since they can't get out of this loop. Obviously, Black & White never had this problem.

I think it could be related to how Creature Isle changed how landscapes worked slightly, as loading the Isle map into Black & White causes an insane amount of movement issues since the Isle is disconnected at a part and the game doesn't know what to do. The disconnected island (where you fight the Crocodile) is what causes the issues.

Have you guys ever noticed something like this? And if so, is there any fix for this? Such as loading the original Black & White pathing instead?

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  Windows 10/Needs Admin
Posted by: Dark_Revan9 - 07-19-2020, 21:25 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (1)

So I just got Black & White for my computer, which does run windows 10. Whenever I try to launch it, it says Please login with administrator privileges and try again, but when I try running with admin nothing happens.

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  Multiplayer Scripting (CI)
Posted by: Shane - 07-16-2020, 15:53 - Forum: Modding - Replies (2)

Managed to get some scripts running in Multiplayer through some custom "auto-run" functions. I tested out some of the following functions:

- Music (Playing the Nemesis theme in the video).
- Vortex spawning (Not really useful for Multiplayer since quests don't work but still cool to see).
- Allies (Player 1 & Player 2 are allies, just like Khazar's behaviour with the player. I'm most excited about exploring this some more).
- Weather events (Very heavy storm in the video as an example, definitely some cool things to do with this).

Check it out!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q_QrVn-rJg

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  Creature Isle Quest Scripts
Posted by: Shane - 07-07-2020, 10:10 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (2)


Thanks for supplying the original Black & White quest scripts from the MAC version of the game! I've recently installed the Creature Isle script compiler but surprisingly, it doesn't come with the original quest scripts (comes with a few of the basics to get started).

Do you happen to have the original Creature Isle quest scripts (presumably from the MAC version of CI)? It would be really helpful!

Thanks again!

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Question CI Script Compiler (Missing Constants)
Posted by: Shane - 07-05-2020, 11:15 - Forum: Modding - No Replies


Recently, I've been messing with the idea of porting Black & White scripts into CI using the official Script Compiler from Lionhead. I've had decent success porting the intro from Black & White into CI using the MAC quest scripts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvYv3f0rBW0).

As you can see, some of the camera locations are incorrect. This is due to missing constants that won't compile. Additionally, some of the tutorials won't compile due to an unknown constant. So, I suppose I have 2 questions:

  • 1. How do I access some of the camera enums? For example, "Shark1Pos = marker at camera T03_000" cannot compile due to not knowing this enum. I see an entry in the "CameraPosEnum.h" file called "FollowUsT03_000", which I presume is the camera position needed. So I guess I'm asking, how do I use a camera enum or even get the values (positions) for all these camera enums?
    Compile Error: ..\scripts\CreatureIsles\FollowUs.txt(30) : error near token "total": Unknown constant "HELP_EVENT_TYPE_ZOOM"
  • 2. There seems to be a handful of constants used by Black & White during the movement tutorials. One example is "HELP_EVENT_TYPE_ZOOM" which seems to increment to a "ZoomAmount" and once a threshold is reached, will complete the tutorial. The other movement tutorials have similar "HELP_EVENT_TYPE" constants. However, the compiler has absolutely no idea what these constants are and I can't find any mention of them anywhere, unlike the camera enums. Are these possible to use? (I have a feeling they were maybe removed in CI).
    Compile Error: ..\scripts\CreatureIsles\FollowUs.txt(181) : error near token "": parse error, expecting `T_IDENTIFIER'

If it's relevant, here's the .bat script I've been using to compile:

@echo off

"script_compiler" -path .. -scriptpath scripts\CreatureIsles -inputfile GlobalChallenges.txt IsleChallenges.txt challenge.chl


Any help would be really appreciated  Big Grin sorry if any of this is unclear, if you need more clarification, please let me know! Thanks!

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  Loading Problems with BW and CI
Posted by: Kratzean - 06-10-2020, 21:44 - Forum: Technical help - No Replies

Black&White (and CI) have problems with loading. To load something, the game needs 2 minutes instead of some seconds. At the beginning of the Loading Screen, the game freezes for nearly the most of the time. The Loading Progress itself is normal.

I am Using Windows 8.1 and don't change the operating system in the last time. To make the PC faster, I opened my Pc and removed dust from the hardware, cleaned the PC with cleanig tools and make more speed with boost tools, but the problem is still exists.

I also reinstalled BW and used an unmodified version of CI, but it still doesn't works. I also tried most different settings from the setup.exe file. And all new patches are installed. Also I have automatic update active.

I doesn't have any ideas, I tried all... Until I can't fix it, I can't make much in modding BW or streaming the islands...

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  BaW Patch v1.3
Posted by: Jonno5dude - 04-24-2020, 20:15 - Forum: Technical help - Replies (1)


Thanks so much for all the info on this site, I loved playing BaW back in the day and the possibility of playing it again is awesome!

I followed all instructions and managed to get the game working (albeit with only on half of the screen due to resolution) but the graphics are doing a weird thing where you can see through things like mountains and the faces of people. I assumed thats what the patch is for so heres what I did:

- Downloaded the patch, and the p5dll.dll file and put them both in in the game folder
- opened the patch file but halfway through the install process get the error message 'old file does not exist'
- I click ok and i get the error message 'Black & White could not be patched at this location'

Any help would be appreciated! I mean the game is working...but the graphics issue is meaning I can't find the damn sheep on one of the first missions  Tongue


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  Draw Dist
Posted by: Moogie - 08-25-2019, 19:58 - Forum: Modding - Replies (12)

Hello! Hope this post works, as the forum is refusing to send the email verification code.

I'm patching out LOD/draw distance limitations. Decent success so far, but I'm stumped on the final hurdle.

I've managed to make the following edits:

-Unlimited zoom (to the skybox, at least)
-Full LOD on all objects at any distance, including people and creatures
-Certain buildings/forests stay visible at medium distance rather than disappearing
-No gradual transparency fade of distant objects--they're either visible, or they're not
-No "darkening to black" of distant objects

It looks pretty good already, but things still disappear at a certain distance away, and every object treats this differently. For instance, sheep disappear SUPER quick when you pull back, whereas trees stay visible for a very long time. They all seem to be comparing against the ESI register, but I have to admit, I'm just an enthusiastic beginner to hacking and my fumbling attempts have not gotten to the bottom of this yet.

I want to make everything -- including villagers -- remain visible, no matter how far out you zoom. I know some people here have made attempts at this in the past, but all the threads are old, links are dead, and information is scant. I'm posting in the hopes that someone might still be around to help out or give me some pointers (no pun intended) so that I might make and upload my own patch for y'all.

Here's some comparison shots:

In a gif for easier viewing

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