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How to extract/insert Models from/to allMeshes.g3d (CI)?
A simple question. I want to make own models for Creature Isle, change existing models or change the textures of a model (for exmaple for HD textures) for my mod.

My Problem is, that I don't know, how I can do this. I have an old "G3D Tool Set" program, but the Problem is, that it only works for the original B&W Game.
Perhaps, should I change some values of the standardmesh.txt or textures.txt, to make it possible, or exists a better tool to do this?

edit: It's possible, to change the "G3D Tool Set" source code to do this, or extract the l3d files from the G3d File manually (hexediting)?
I found the G3D Tool Set and modified it to work for CI, but only for CI.

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.zip   g3dtoolset modified for (Size: 97.32 KB / Downloads: 14)
Very THX!!! You are very very great!!!!^^
Now I can make/update models.

Perhaps I give credits to you for helping, in one of the next Updates of my Genesismod!
The editing of models is one of the most, what I wanted for CI for modding!^^

edit: To test it, i swaped the models of the celtic workshop and storage pit successfully^^ THX, that you made it possible. *give you big hugs*

edit 2: A LITTLE Problem. If I add a new model (or an existing model, outside of the g3d File, for example the Waterfall) into the g3d-File with the compiler, and change the object Infos, for example of a FEATURE Object in the info.dat, the game only shows a red cube. (No, the number, 705 to hex is correctly, I changed other features and objects for my mod, mostly unused Features, for example the washing-lines). Do you have an Idea, what the problem is?

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There is a new Problem: I can extract the models and switch the Models with an other extracted model, or change the textures.

But when I use a own made or edited model, or a other model (for example the waterfall model), which contains a texture in the file itself and replace it with one of the original models in the g3d file, the game crashes, while starting.

If I add any models (original models from g3d file, modified models etc...), the compiler add this model to the g3d file, but they can't be used in the game (i change an model ID of an FEATURE in the info.dat, to test it). The game only shows a red cube, instead of the model (but the game doesn't crash). For this I think, the game have a value for the limit in an other place, perhaps the creatureisle.exe itself. I hope, that I can find this value.
I am going to work on this tomorrow.
For testings I used a building, for example thge celtic workshop. And I edited the files with milkshape 1.8.5.
I made my own mkG3d, it should work for both B&W and CI and doesn't have the problems of the old mkG3d.
There seems to be no limit for the model count, I tested the game with an additional model, the problem was in the .g3d file.
The number I used is "704", though, because the first is "0".

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.zip (Size: 10.84 KB / Downloads: 11)
Sry, but the archive is broken Sad

I used the repair option of WIN RAR, but after I run the program, nothing happened.
Perhaps the file is still broken? Perhhaps additionally a little instruction, how the programm works and where I have to place the program?
The archive became broken when being uploaded, I am going to try again.

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.zip (Size: 10.84 KB / Downloads: 6)
Same Problem again... Sad But I don't know, why...

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