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Black & White: Ultimate (v1.20)

I haven't fully publicly released my mod yet (outside of the Black & White Discord), so I thought I'd showcase it here.

Black & White: Ultimate is a large modification based on Black & White: Creature Isle. It includes the original Black & White story, the original Creature Isle story and a bunch of extra features, all in a single mod. This means you can play the original Black & White with all the features from Creature Isle!

Ultimate also includes some extra features, such as:
- A Custom Intro Menu
- Full Colour Customisation
- Temple Selection
- Hard Mode (original Black & White only, doesn't apply to Creature Isle)
- Improved AI (Hard Mode only. AI is far better as expanding, enemy Creatures actually attack others, impress towns etc.)
- Bug Fixes (such as a Pathing Fix for CI)
- Improved Multiplayer (Custom Colours, Custom Temples, Ally/Team support, Saving/Loading).
- Fixed Visuals (I'm using your patch to fix visuals for CI, so thank you very much!)

Here's a few videos showcasing the mod:
- (v1.20 - Creature Isle Update + Latest Intro Menu) -
- (v1.10 - Multiplayer Update. Shows off Player selected Colours + Temples) -
- (Nemesis Wins - (Hard Mode) ) -

There's still a few minor things I want to do before I publicly release Ultimate. Let me know what you guys think!
Congratulations! A lot of work, it seems! Thanks for sharing. Ally/Team support and saving impress the most.
I just want to ask one thing, if you are using our work, please distribute the BaW Patch 2 unchanged, together with your mod. Not just "build it in" or parts of it. And some credits would be great to have too. I mean, it was a lot of work Smile
I already do give credit to you guys for the visual/graphics fix, don't worry!

You mean you don't want your patch already included in the .exe for Ultimate? Currently, the .exe has some changes to point to it's own directory, my pathing fix and then your CI patch.

I have no issues keeping it separate if you want, but can I ask why?
First of all, it gives the players the ability to choose each time what to change/repair in the game... Not just force it.
And, like I said, it was a lot of research and work. Nice to think that it can stay as a whole product, not just be taken apart to include in other works. Even in the patch itself is written about distributing of that work without permission.
Alright cool, I'll include the patcher itself! Although not sure why anyone would want to turn it off Big Grin

So if I include the patch (so people can toggle it on and off), but have it applied by default, would that be ok too?
Well, I don't see any problem, if the patch itself is there, and credits are given... Just in case, can you show the result before distributing? Smile
This is awesome, I've not posted on a forum since the early 2000s, but this post made me create an account and comment here.

The hard only mode is fascinating, I found the other gods very easy to defeat. It also seems that the way B&W is designed makes it really awkward for gods to properly fight with each other. Is there a chance you can make some videos showing how gods in the hard mode react?

Also, any chance you have a public release date in mind?

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