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Mod Manager - replacing RAW textures
Which format do the textures need to be in, for the mod manager to properly replace the .raw textures?

Also, I am currently using the line;

AddNewEffect('Sky.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\Sky.tga');

is this the correct format?

Also, how do I perform the same for the Alpha layers? Just 

AddNewEffect('SkyA.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\SkyA.tga');

Next, does the mod properly load 2x the size or different sized textures. Because at the moment, the Sky texture isn't loading for me.
Two formats are available: .raw and .tga (32bit/pixel not compressed).
Your line is correct, I tested it myself.
There is no Alpha layer, only Alpha channel. .tga files have this channel by default (if they have 32bit/pixel).
When .raw file is being used, Mod Manager automatically searches for a.raw file and gets Alpha channel information out of it.
And yes, the Mod Manager properly loads 2x size textures Smile

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