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When you mess around with the Mod Manager
hey, first off i am happy to see this site is still being updated and that you released the mod manager for the public, thank you!

i recently screwed around with the mod manager for a bit, and a few interesting things happened to me (i left all of the standard mods activated):

first of all, when i alt + tabbed out of the game, the custom colors for the influence borders and the temple altars were gone. this happened in land 2.
also, when i did not alt + tab out and the custom colors were working correctly, the temple altar colors would switch between green and yellow, but only from this angle (can be a bit off): .

the thing i found most interesting was that sometimes when i started up the game, most of the textures would be glitched, but i'm not sure if that is the right word. here are some screenshots:

i personally called this "nightmare mode", lol. i have the 1.3 version and it's in the german language. have you experienced this yet?
The problem with Alt + Tab is known, it is not fixed yet... Mod Manager loses some of the control when the game is minimized with Alt + Tab. The other two problems are interesting, yellow color may be because of "Green Fire" Mod, (it globally changes the specular color)...
Need to check this a bit more before giving an answer.
I realized that the video card may be important.
The mod manager seemed to work mostly correctly at Windows XP with a Nvidia video card and Windows 8.1 with a Nvidia video card, and had serious problems at Windows 98 with a Radeon video card.
Would be good to know about other combinations.
Padepad, you mentioned "sometimes", usually it works mostly correctly for you, right? And, with which video card you had the problem appear?
yes, it works most of the time, but by deleting the mods folder and pasting it in the game directory again i can reproduce this glitch almost everytime. i have a radeon r9 290x

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