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Help with the BWGraphicMod colour change function
Hi everyone

For a long time ive been wanting to change the red colour on the temple influence. I know theres a colourswap mod and BW ultimate, but ive had issues getting them to work smoothly. I *almost* had it working with the BWGraphic Mod, by following the instructions it did change the player colour, temple beam and miracle rings to a custom hex colour but not the rest (shown in image links):

It worked! (almost)
Gestures almost working
Map Icons still Red
Worship site still red

but I have 3 questions for the community:

1) Main issue, how do i get it to fully override the red player colour? The effect only seems to work for the players influence, statistic bars, temple beam and micracle enhancement rings, but not for charging miracles at the worship site/prayer energy. The gestures half work, they leave the right colour-trail, but the sparkle activation graphic ontop of it remains red. Finally the icons in the temple are also red on the island map. What else do i need to add to the "main" script file to fully override the colour?

2) Alt tabbing cancels the effect, which people have already commented on, from what ive seen the only solution is to play in windowed mode but was curious if theres any scripting that would make the effect persistent like in the BWultimate. Not much of an issue otherwise, pretty quick to just relaunch the game.

3) Ive been using it alongside the fanpatch v1.42 with no conflicts or issues in order to have the resolution work properly, but everytime i boot the gameup theres a pop-up telling me to roll the patches back, can this be turned off/disabled? otherwise like above, its ignorable.

Heres everything written in the "Main" Notepad file for the BWgraphicmod:

ScriptVersion = 50;

 You are using BaW Graphics Mod Manager, created by the owners of and made for the creation (with extended capabilities) and loading of different Mods. It also allows to change the colors of the players (this change can be made as part of a Mod).
 Do not publically redistribute the main files of the project without permission of any of the owners of
 It is forbidden to modify or remove this comment.

/* Default player colors:
SetPlayerColors('#1ADB4A', '#47FF54', '#E347FF', '#47F9FF', '#FFFD47', '#4777FF', '#FFA247', '#000000');

//Choose the player colors here
SetPlayerColors('#1ADB4A', '#0000FF', '#FF0000', '#00FF00', '#00FFFF', '#FFFFFF', '#000000', '#000000');

//Mod list to load
Seems like a bug in BaW Graphics Mod Manager.
You can edit the runblack.exe file using a hex editor like XVI32 to edit the colors. The location for them in 1.30 is at $87FC1C. Compare with default colors to understand what to type there.
Use Overwrite mode while editing the file, don't change the file size.
Those values are ignored for Influence Rings, but it is much harder to edit the Influence Ring colors because the game uses code to fill them byte by byte, and uses different amount of bytes of code for different color bytes. BaW Graphics Mod Manager works for changing those colors, so it's not really a problem, though.

This can be used for a windowed mode that appears fullscreen. This can also increase the speed of Alt + Tab and may even increase FPS.

This can be used to fix the 2048x2048 resolution limit. The "1.42" simply includes that and is otherwise useless for the fix.

There is no need to disable or remove the pop-up, as the "1.42" is never to be used, because it contains stolen content, and even limits what can be done with the game (no custom graphics settings).
Not only that, but not all features are supported for 1.20, which "1.42" actually is.
This is supported only in 2 versions:
Hi Lant

Thanks for the quick response!

Just like you said, once i reinstalled and used the offical patches up to v1.3 I could find the hex value 

found the "ff4646" (backwards) that needed to change

and overwrote it with the colour i wanted (also backwards)

and this made the change which overrided the remaining areas (temple icons, gestures, prayer energy).

The only issue now is that black and white wouldnt run while the BWgraphicsmod draw.dll file was in the main directory, it only ran when i moved it into another folder. I applied the BAWpatch but the same problem happened and the runblack.exe file generated a white window and then disappeared. It only loads in the "runblack prepatch" version, which retains the original texture/resolutions, BUT IT WORKED!.

Colours working!

My last question is, any idea why the draw.dll isnt working on the BAWpatch v2 runblack file?
BaW Graphics Mod Manager is buggy and not stable, sadly we still did not fix this. Probably going to make some alternate solution soon.

For now you can make a copy of runblack.exe, maybe it will work.
Use this script in XVI32 (use "XVIscript" on the top) for the runblack.exe of 1.30.
ADR $42B6B0
OVERWRITE 60 BE C4 B6 82 00 BF B4 B0 F2 00 B9 08 00 00 00 F3 A5 61 C3 46 46 FF 00 54 FF 47 00 FF 47 E3 00 FF F9 47 00 47 FD FF 00 FF 64 46 00 47 A2 FF 00 FF FF FF 00
Then edit the colors at $42B6C4, or just edit them in this script (they start at 46 46 FF 00).
Lant you are some kind of wizard!

Did exactly as you said on the Hexeditor, and the colours been 100% changed! it even worked for my change to player 2 (in the screenshots)

It worked!
Worship sites work!
Gestures work!
Map Symbols work!

The change even worked after alt-tabbing!

The full colour change works!, changing other god colours works and works with the BAW2 graphic update patch!

Thank you so much for your help!
New issue, 

Ive just finished playing through BW1 and was about to jump into creature isle, the colour change didnt carry over automatically, sadly.

Using the hexeditor i was able to change most of the colour scheme but the influence ring/gesture casting was still red like last time. When i tried to apply the fix posted above, theres no value matching it in the creatureisle.exe. Thought id be clever and copy the unchanged colour text string from a backup runblack.exe file "b0 ff 32 c9 b2 47 c6 05" to find the line and change it. It changed the colour but to this odd black effect.

Odd temple outline
Odd influencee ring

any ideas what im doing wrong?
Did you try BaW Graphics Mod Manager?
(02-20-2022, 00:13)Lant Wrote: Did you try BaW Graphics Mod Manager?

Hi Lant

I just tried it with the BWGraphic mod along with the BWpatch2 as well, on both versions the miracles, temple beam and surprisingly the influence ring all changed colour with the BWgraphic mod. The only areas which didnt fully change are the gestures and temple icons:

[/url][url=]Gestures still have colour, but everything else has changed
Temple icon still red

I used a fresh install of creature isle (after patching with BWpatch2) when taking these screenshots so no hexediting was done.Additionally, when i went to alt tab the entire game crashed (on the core black and white game it just changed the colour back but kept on playing).

Any idea how I can fix these last two areas?
Theoretically you should be able to easily change most of the colors using hex editing like you seemed to do before (but not for Influence Rings), and BaW Graphics Mod Manager for the Influence Rings. Maybe it will crash.
If it'll work, nothing else needs to be done about that.
If it'll crash, probably going to make another code to allow easy hex editing for Influence Ring colors in CI.
The 1.30 code wouldn't work because it points at the same locations as in 1.30, but CI has the colors at another place, so it wouldn't be the colors that would get changed (the colors being the default zeroes, black).
To avoid any issues when using Alt + Tab try this.

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