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Mod Manager - replacing RAW textures
Which format do the textures need to be in, for the mod manager to properly replace the .raw textures?

Also, I am currently using the line;

AddNewEffect('Sky.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\Sky.tga');

is this the correct format?

Also, how do I perform the same for the Alpha layers? Just 

AddNewEffect('SkyA.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\SkyA.tga');

Next, does the mod properly load 2x the size or different sized textures. Because at the moment, the Sky texture isn't loading for me.
Two formats are available: .raw and .tga (32bit/pixel not compressed).
Your line is correct, I tested it myself.
There is no Alpha layer, only Alpha channel. .tga files have this channel by default (if they have 32bit/pixel).
When .raw file is being used, Mod Manager automatically searches for a.raw file and gets Alpha channel information out of it.
And yes, the Mod Manager properly loads 2x size textures Smile
i tried to change a water texture but doesn't work...

I think we should send a collective e-mail to all members of the forum to contribute with their files, textures, models and everything possible, to unify it in a package.

I would like to help in this project but I do not know much about programming.
Try using this, it may work:
"AddNewEffect('Sky.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '.\Data\Textures\smallbump.raw');"
(03-19-2019, 22:38)Lant Wrote: Try using this, it may work:
"AddNewEffect('Sky.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '.\Data\Textures\smallbump.raw');"

may the problem is... i'm a noob, i'm using windows 8.1 and i have installed the fan patch 1.41

yesterday the mods worked whit mod mannager, green fire ball, hr textures and the color changer did work, but texture multiplier didn't work... and yes i modify the folder permissions and i modified "//" in .txt to activate mod...

i had a problem and i reinstalled the game from zero, but today only work if i extract the mod in the game folder, but if i modify some line about any .txt file, the game or crashes or run whitout textures and all is dark red colored....

i wanna to try more but i don't know if i give up....
Can i work in virtualbox no?

PD: do you have any modified textures? or more resolution or something can i install to see it? you are a f*** genius.
I started whit this, cause nostalgy and because i modified a .txt info in playgrounds folder, and i felt god XD but now i feel shit hahaha.

And what about of the grass sistem?
Don't use the "1.41".

The problem with everything being with dark red colors seems to be the same as in the For some reason I don't have it, and neither has Lant.
It seemed random for Padepad, though.
Are you sure you can reliably avoid it by using the default files, and reliably cause it by changing them? If so, a copy of such a modified file may help me to find what causes the problem.

I am not sure about VirtualBox, but the game can work in VMware, and so can BaW Graphics Mod Manager.

You can get textures from, for example, You need to convert them to 32 bits per pixel TGA, though. Direct3D 7 may be limited to 2048 x 2048 textures.

The grass system isn't available in the public version.
i found the main problem... i modify some .raw textures an they make the red bug, but whit the original textures the problem is fix and mod mannager works. (multiplier textures doesn't work)

If i try lunch B&W only patched with 1.10,  1.20, and 1.30 but doesn't run (in windows 8.1) only run if i have instelled 1.41 and i fix "runblak.exe" whit the patch i fond i this page... so maybe i can do nothing...
to edit textures i use photoshop 2014 to create .tga files, and only i tried 512x512.. but nothing

don't worry maybe is so much hard for me Smile have no idea of programing.
Can you send me those .raw textures? Perhaps they'd cause the problem for me, too, allowing me to find the source of the problem.
The Texture Repeat mod would try to use the Sky.raw, smallbump.raw and burn.raw files to detect the textures, perhaps the changes you made to the .raw files prevent it from working.
You don't have to install 1.10 and 1.20 separately. 1.30 is enough. Just make sure to use a crack. You can get it here:
Try to upload your .tga file.
Hi, try this

Attached Files
.7z   HD Textures Fixed - WeedMan.7z (Size: 784.46 KB / Downloads: 3)
Thanks so much Lant but i ataked another point hahaha finaly i remake textures from AllMeshes.g3d and i think i did a good job hahaha

I hope Every One Enjoy This work, I Will Update when i do final version. ^^

Please Check it and give me your opinion and if you like Please upload my file from your accout, mine dont leave me do it hahaha

im "working" with Kratzean to make HD B&W. He will do HD tree models when i finish.

What about your grass mod Lant?  Big Grin

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