Well. Let's talk about a very special file in your Black & White folder. You can find it in Scripts folder directly in your game directory.

Info.dat contains a lot of information that is used in the game. And there is a way to use it to your advantage. You can actually edit it! But not directly. You need a set of .txt files from mac version of the game (examples of some of them: InfoCreature1.txt - InfoCreature11.txt, info1.txt - info9.txt, and so on). You can get them HERE.

If you copy them and put them into your Scripts folder, then the game will use this set instead of info.dat. And those files are actually directly editable, which allows you to affect how the game works. But warning! Make a backup of your Info.dat before launching the game with those .txt files, because the game deletes the old "not needed" file!

Notepad++ is a very good program for editing text files, especially text files with systemized info or code. For making the needed text files look good and easy to use there, make the Tab size bigger. You can do it there: Settings > Preferences... > Tab Settings > Tab size
A good size is 64.

If you still make a mistake and lose your starting .dat file, you can always download it from our site and put it back. But first delete the .txt files. You can get the original Info.dat HERE.