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How to create inWorld Text/Images?
On your Video (News, mainpage from 30/12/2017 21:30 with the Gras), I sometime see, that there appears a number and a player Symbol in the world at the hand position (I think, that this presents the alignment changings for a player).

How this works? Because perhaps I like to make something similar with my ingame Purchasements and receiving tribute, so that it looks more similar to bw2.
And also it's possible to spawn images in color similar to this way, and perhaps with more than a 256x256 resolution?

It is not only in the video, seems like even you didn't check what we did in the Mod Manager...
Ah, sorry, I don't want to make custom graphics. I really want to make more than a own menu, like the bw statistics menu and some more.

For my purchasements, or the milestones I made.

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