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Patching Help
Hello, glad to find a still active community for this lovely game. I just wish I could actually get it to function properly.

I've been at this for the last twelve hours. I can get the game to run vanilla with no patches or mods, my only issue is saving. I've scoured the internet and tried every fix I could find: I turned off UAC, I ran the game as administrator, I changed folder permissions, and I've tried patching. I can get it to save the first time and then never again. Copy/pasting the save data from the local temp files did nothing, so the hope of "restoring" any saves seems futile. 

Also, patching. I cannot, for the life of me, successfully patch this game. I even used bawfiles step by step installation guide, but the game just refuses to run with any patch and I've tried a few. Following the guide at bawfiles, the game doesn't even start up at all. I'm at my wits end. I love this game, but I've never been able to beat it because I can't get my game to save (or I get to land 5 during a marathon and die haha forcing me to start back at the beginning). 

I don't understand why this game gives so much trouble when BaW2 works like a charm.

Does the bawfiles guide leave room for error? why would following that guide to the letter not work? 

Installed game as directed.
Installed 1.30 patch and accompanying .dll file.
UAC is completely disabled.
Installed Villager banter addon.
Installed the BaW Patch 2.0 (since using a crack).
Copied Audio file over from CD.
Launched Setup.exe and all I changed was 16bit color over to 32bit color.
Didn't edit registry files for widescreen, I'm happy to just get it working in 800x600.
Didn't touch compatibility mode.
Running on Windows 10.

If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. I just wanna be able to play this game without issues and with saves.
Seems like you are doing everything right. But after installation of 1.30 patch, are you REALLY using the crack for 1.30 version? Send me please the size of your .exe file, so I can check if it is the right one. Also you can make a screenshot of your game folder and save files folder. Also I would like to see your "%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore" folder.

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