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Creature Isle Quest Scripts

Thanks for supplying the original Black & White quest scripts from the MAC version of the game! I've recently installed the Creature Isle script compiler but surprisingly, it doesn't come with the original quest scripts (comes with a few of the basics to get started).

Do you happen to have the original Creature Isle quest scripts (presumably from the MAC version of CI)? It would be really helpful!

Thanks again!
From what I remember, Mac version of CI doesn't have them.
In the past I tried to extraxt the challenge.chl Scriptfile of CI with the chasm/chlex tool, but they doesn't support the CI file. :/

Yes,the language is a assembler like language (and not the scripting language of Bw/CI), but with an extracted challenge.chl it would be easier to complete the scriptfies by hand.

An decompiler, which can decompile it directly would be great too, but I don't have enought experiences to wrote something like this. Is there perhaps a easy way to make a update for chlex/chasm to use it with the CI file? Or perhaps to merge challenge.chl files?

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