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CI Script Compiler (Missing Constants)

Recently, I've been messing with the idea of porting Black & White scripts into CI using the official Script Compiler from Lionhead. I've had decent success porting the intro from Black & White into CI using the MAC quest scripts (

As you can see, some of the camera locations are incorrect. This is due to missing constants that won't compile. Additionally, some of the tutorials won't compile due to an unknown constant. So, I suppose I have 2 questions:
  • 1. How do I access some of the camera enums? For example, "Shark1Pos = marker at camera T03_000" cannot compile due to not knowing this enum. I see an entry in the "CameraPosEnum.h" file called "FollowUsT03_000", which I presume is the camera position needed. So I guess I'm asking, how do I use a camera enum or even get the values (positions) for all these camera enums?
    Compile Error: ..\scripts\CreatureIsles\FollowUs.txt(30) : error near token "total": Unknown constant "HELP_EVENT_TYPE_ZOOM"
  • 2. There seems to be a handful of constants used by Black & White during the movement tutorials. One example is "HELP_EVENT_TYPE_ZOOM" which seems to increment to a "ZoomAmount" and once a threshold is reached, will complete the tutorial. The other movement tutorials have similar "HELP_EVENT_TYPE" constants. However, the compiler has absolutely no idea what these constants are and I can't find any mention of them anywhere, unlike the camera enums. Are these possible to use? (I have a feeling they were maybe removed in CI).
    Compile Error: ..\scripts\CreatureIsles\FollowUs.txt(181) : error near token "": parse error, expecting `T_IDENTIFIER'

If it's relevant, here's the .bat script I've been using to compile:

@echo off

"script_compiler" -path .. -scriptpath scripts\CreatureIsles -inputfile GlobalChallenges.txt IsleChallenges.txt challenge.chl


Any help would be really appreciated  Big Grin sorry if any of this is unclear, if you need more clarification, please let me know! Thanks!

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