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BaW Patch v1.3

Thanks so much for all the info on this site, I loved playing BaW back in the day and the possibility of playing it again is awesome!

I followed all instructions and managed to get the game working (albeit with only on half of the screen due to resolution) but the graphics are doing a weird thing where you can see through things like mountains and the faces of people. I assumed thats what the patch is for so heres what I did:

- Downloaded the patch, and the p5dll.dll file and put them both in in the game folder
- opened the patch file but halfway through the install process get the error message 'old file does not exist'
- I click ok and i get the error message 'Black & White could not be patched at this location'

Any help would be appreciated! I mean the game is working...but the graphics issue is meaning I can't find the damn sheep on one of the first missions  Tongue

You can't patch the game without the original files.
It looks like you installed a cracked runblack.exe file.
Put the original runblack.exe for your current version into the game directory:
Then do the same as you would do if you would follow our installation guide:
Patch the game to 1.30:
Then put the p5dll.dll into the game directory:
Then put the cracked runblack.exe for 1.30 into the game directory:
Then put our BaW Patch near the cracked runblack.exe and run it to fix some issues:

However, neither 1.30 nor our BaW Patch fix the issue with seeing through things.
The issue with seeing through things is happening when the game can't set the chosen resolution.

A possible solution is setting a resolution that works, like 1920x1080.

The issue that doesn't let you choose your real resolution is because of a limit in DirectX 7, the limit doesn't allow surfaces to be bigger than 2048x2048.
I guess this issue made you choose a resolution the game can't set for the screen, which caused the issue with seeing through things.

A different solution is the use of our BaW Graphics Mod Manager:
Use the SetFullScreenWindowed function:
The game then renders to an invisible surface and our BaW Graphics Mod Manager copies the rendered images to the screen.
This bypasses the need to change the actual resolution of the screen.
Which allows you to choose any resolution that is not greater than 2048x2048.
SetFullScreenWindowed also allows you to use Alt + Tab to get out of the game quickly and may also simply increase performance.

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