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Draw Dist
(08-27-2019, 20:01). Wrote: To Moogie:

I am not sure how sending the values to me to add to my patch would be better than you releasing your own patch.

I am also not sure why would you give us credit.

Only to facillitate them being brought to the wider community in the least annoying way possible. Most people, I suspect, don't like installing lots of different patches, especially on finnicky games like this where patch X won't work on version Y without prerequisite Z, etc. If it's all in the same patch, then the most people will get access to the improvement.

And like I say, I'm not interested in credit. I aknowledge that I'm treading old ground with things you have already discovered/modified. As far as I'm aware, you haven't added the max draw distance to any publically available patch yet, so if anything, this is just my attempt to bring that in, regardless of who did it first. Smile
Even the first version of BaW Patch supports being started with all of the choices set from the beginning.
Try "BaW_Patch_2.exe Fix Fix Fix" or "BaW_Patch.exe Fix Fix" in a .bat file near a runblack.exe.
Using this you may be able to make your own patch that would include BaW Patch 2.
For the players this may be as easy to install as a single patch.
Perhaps I will allow you to publically upload BaW Patch 2 in your patch here.
I already wanted it, to add the higher draw distance into the modified dll file (without the help of . I wasn't able to do it to make changes with a dll file), but I don't do it.

The Problem is, that I also added BW2 trees into my BW CI mod (also with the help of .) as a replacement of the BW trees, but they have more vertex etc as the bw1 trees and drawing all of them (with increasing the draw distance) make the game laggy.

If there is a way, to make the game more stable with infinite draw distance AND the bw2 trees, that would be great.

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