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Create info*.txt and chl files??
Hey! I want to ask, if it's possible, to make a info*.txt file backwards from a info.dat file?
Like extracting this file.

Because in CI there are no info*txt (from a MAC-Version) for this game. And a info*.txt file is easier to edit.
At first it's ok, to extract this file without using the (unknown) enums (like enums for creature isle buildings).

If there a way, or a tool to make this possible?

Perhaps it's possible in a similar way, to extract a chl file or ti write a tool to do this? Because I like to extract the CI info.dat file to use the script files from there, to merge it with my Genesismod Story.

Also there is a problem with the AVI sequences in CI, because in the creatureisle.exe file, there is some code missing, to use the avi sequences for modding. I like to find a way to fix this, so that I can use the original BW-Story in CI with the Avi Sequences.
I do not know about such tools.
info.dat file does not have enough information for such extraction. But you can do it using the information from the .exe file.
Some informations I extracted myself by comparing the bytes with the info*.txt files from your "Original script files". For example I extracted all info4.txt informations, needed for the spells in CI.

But in CI, for example are also some unknown informations, where I don't know the syntax, for example creature isle buildings.
That is not the only problem. The enum values in CI are different from the ones in B&W.
Yes, but this problem os solved, by using Enum values from the scriptin tools, which contain the enums, which CI needs.
That may help indeed, you are right. Thanks for info Smile
To extract some of the informations, I count the columns of the different entrys in the info*.txt files (these ones, which not only have a enum list) and had searched for the correct entrys (in hex format) in the info.dat file.

I only need to know the structure of the file (like someone need the structure of a lnd file formaking mapeditors for example)^^
The structure of the file isn't going to help much.
The first 40 bytes is the string "LiOnHeAdInfo".
The next 4 bytes is an Integer which specifies the remaining size of the file.
The next 4 bytes are the first value of the DETAIL_MAGIC_GENERAL_INFO table.
After the data of this table is the data of the next table.
The info.dat file doesn't contain the row counts, column counts, table names, or anything else like that.

You can, even in a text editor like Notepad++, search for "DETAIL_MAGIC_GENERAL_INFO" in the .exe file to find the order of the tables that are in the info.dat file. Their order in the .exe is opposite to the order used in the info.dat file.
Some Informations I allready get more than a year ago, by writing a little (incomplete) tool.

Here are 2 examples.

Attached Files
.txt   info4.txt (Size: 103.68 KB / Downloads: 6)
.txt   info5.txt (Size: 161.2 KB / Downloads: 3)
Did you find the name "CreatureTykeLearntEnum" somewhere else, or did you make it yourself?

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