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Adding own DLLs or edit existing DLLs???
Like the ddraw.dll file of the Graphics Mod Manager, is there another DLL file the game can read automatic?

Because I want to implement for my mods, like the extra land heights some changes into a own DLL file for permamament usings (perhaps like the graphics mod with own comands in a text file...).
Perhaps it's possible, to edit a existing dll file (like multiplayer.dll or LHDialogLib.dll), to implement some commands with the start of the game???
Sorry, did not answer earlier, was busy.
Well, it may look like ddraw.dll was not used by the game before, but actually it was. It was (and is) in the system folder. BaW Graphics Mod Manager uses the ddraw.dll in that folder, redirecting the game requests there and altering them a bit. But you need to know the functions and their parameters of the original file.
You can rename an original .DLL file of the game, create own one and make it redirect game requests to the renamed file. You can make your .DLL additionally make the needed changes in the memory of the game.

It is planned to add a feature to BaW Mod Manager that would allow to load custom user .DLL files, it would add an easy way to access the game memory.

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