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Extracting Informations from info.dat AND add extra objects
At the moment I am extracting the Informations from the CI info.dat into info*.txt files and I finished the first 4 ofd them.

But (I tried it in the normal B&W game), I can't add new objects, because I think, there are special offsets for this. I tried to change it with IDE in the exe file (I test to add a own spell), but every time I tried to add an extra object into the text files and used it, the game crashes. The game didn't load the extra informations in the text file.

You can find the different functions for the Objects (like spells) at this area ...

.... in Creatureisle.exe: 0042CC60

.... in runblack.exe: unknown (search for example for the String 'DETAIL_MAGIC_GENERAL_INFO' with IDA).

I opened it with IDA. When somebody knows a way, to add extra objects/entries (by increasing values or change offsets...), it would be very fine^^

edit: info5.txt done too^^

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