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Tutorial: Making own AI symbols (cps files)
It's very simple, because I found a new way to do this in the last days:

1. Rename a cps file, for example Nemesis.cps into Nemesis.raw.

2. Open it as a 64x64 grayscale picture with XnView.

3. Now you can change the picture, how do you like.

4. Save the file in grayscale and after saving rename it back into a cps-File.

5. Now you can use the new File instead of a original Symbolfile (or you use a own name and use the file with my B&W CI Player Settings v1.15, to load it directly into the game).
Actually, some of the .cps files are 32x32, not 64x64.
And about your fifth point... What is B&W CI Player Settings v1.15? You did not upload it here... Can you do it now?
I wanted to upload files here, but I don't know, I didn't found a upload formular.
And yes, I know, but the 32x32 .cps files are the low quality files and not very important for making own symbols, because your fanpatches etc...
On this forum you can attach zip files to your posts. So, at least such possibility to upload is available: just create a new post and add your file there as an attachment.
And in which category I should uplaod my files?
Modding, Technical Help, Creature Cave or Gameplay?
I created a special section for uploads, look at the main page of the forum Smile
It is not much, but it should suffice for now. I hope to make something better in the future.
Ah, oki, thx! But I upload at at sunday or monday, because I have a friend here this weekend^^

edit: Sry, but when I want to upload the tool, the Upload doesn't works for some reasons!
Another Upload worked without problems. Perhaps, is there a limit for Filesizes on the hoster?

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