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B&W CI Landheight Expansion
This tool make it possible, to have maps with land heights, higher than 255 units.

But at first we need some maps with higher values. Use the 'B&WSurveyor&Sculpted Mod for Map Height Expansion' Download for modificationsd for the map editors Sculpted and BWSurveyor to make new maps.

Also I made a little map as an example with an high montain, called '(EX) Land 2_7 Gods_Hypermontain'.

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

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.zip   B&W CI Landheight (Size: 4.68 MB / Downloads: 4)
Very good!
But I have a couple of questions.
1) I launched your program and the game froze. Maybe you have some modified .exe file? Maybe try with a "clean" crack?
2) You wrote that you added modified versions of all original B&W Lands, CI and skirmish maps... But I didn't find them in the archives. Where can I get them?
3) Why exactly up to 2048? Should it not be 65536?
4) And where to get BWSurveyor and Scultped? They are not uploaded on the site. Could you do that?
5) The last one: one of the archives was corrupted, B&W CI Landheight Expansion. I managed to repair it, but better to check and reupload. Maybe with less compression?
1) Ok? I kan use it without problems, I used different exe files.
2) That was the old readme, sry. I uploaded a BWSurveyor converter for the maps, to convert all maps you like.
3) 2048 is the max height value of B&W2. And when you use 65536, the game can get glitchy or freeze or something. And then you are outside of the sky.
59 Reuploaded, try again. (Perhaps the frreze from 1) is from the corrupt file).
4) I meant the original programs, Sculpted and BWSurveyor Smile In the readme is "To use the modified exe files, copy the files to the folder of the corresponding editor."
5) Sadly, the archive still seems to be corrupted and broken... :/ Which level of compression did you use?
5) One of the fastest. The original file works fine. Then I think, that there was a problem while the uploading on this page.
4) BWSurveyor and sculpted, I think, are the most used and best working editors.
And they are very easy to use.

Sometime when I have time, I want to try to fix the glitches in the Edenbuilder Mapditor. He have a good structure and possibilities, but make every map unusuable.
Sorry, I edited your message a little bit, I think you understand why Smile
But could you upload the editors here?
You could also upload your broken archive to some other source, for example, and post link here, then I can download it and upload here myself.
I looked for the editors myself and found them here:
Going to upload them a bit later. I tried with them with your files, everything works great Smile If only would it work in the game as well.
I am away for this weekend. Perhaps we can talk about this at monday?

Do you use Discord?
We can talk any time Smile But nope, I do not use Discord. You can write me here or in private messages.

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