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[land 2] save khazar, skip creature kidnapping
this is a guide on how to save khazar from death and your creature from being kidnapped by lethys in land 2

1. have a khazar side mission available

2. have an artefact

3. build 2 artefact charged indian wonders

4. have enough worshippers to cast a lightning later on

5. slow down time with alt + 1

6. convert lethys' main village next to his temple and immediately pause the game

7. go to your temple, unpause for a short moment and cast lightning, pause again

8. go to lethys' temple and oneshot him with a short click on his temple, pause again

9. go near your main village, look for a khazar side mission, unpause and activate it
    khazar's death cutscene will be skipped, lethys capturing your creature will be skipped, the permanent vortex opening cutscene will play in the middle of the khazar cutscene and that's it.

i tested it with the khazar side mission where you have to impress the indian village next to your main village with food while khazar is filling their village store up with wood. not sure if other quests work too, maybe.

i posted this like last year but this time i found out how to also save khazar

Yeeeey! First message in this part of the forum! Now it is not empty anymore!
But anyway, really impressive job. Glad that there are such players who are exploring and experimenting so much. I was always sad when Khazar died, and now he can live forever!
by the way, are you and " . " interested in joining the b&w discord? we got a few active users there. and other people who read this can join too. could talk better about stuff then i think. here is a link if anybody is interested
Never used it before and have barely any free time now. But probably will look in the future what that is.
I forgot to answer earlier.
We can just use Skype instead, you can send me your Skype name in a private message.
(06-12-2017, 20:30).e Wrote: I forgot to answer earlier.
We can just use bingo views Skype instead, you can send me your Skype name in a private message.

Great guide, thanks for the effort. I remember I aways had trouble with lethys.

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