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Genesismod 2.0 (CI) + Ingame mapeditor
Now the new version of the Genesis, with a lots of updates is avaiable!

The mod includes a lots of new Islands with a big story in 4 party (Stormymod-part, God-Father-part, Atlantis-part and Volcano-part).
And some features, you know from Black&White 2, for example the Multipickup and the epic wonders are avaiable.
Also I added new objects, for exmaple the Chaos Diamonds and some objects and other things became new textures, for example the rocks.
Also the game includes an ingame mapeditor.

For more informations, look at the readme.txt
Here is an example Video for the Ingame-Mapeditor:

(because the Mod is to big, I added a extern downloadlink. I want to add some mirrors without waiting time.)

And very thx to . for his help with the models!^^

IMPORTANT: Copy follow file
to your "\Data\Landscape\CreatureIsles" folder of CI, or the game crashes. I forget to add this important landscape file. With the next regular update, I add the file to the rar.
And for the Ingame-Mapeditor, here is a fixed file too:
replace it with the old file.

edit: Here is a full link with all missed files included:

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I already wrote about being impressed so many times, that it does not sound right Big Grin
But anyway, I am impressed! A really great job and interesting addition to the community.
Uploaded it to our site, I hope you don't mind. It is "recompressed" and in an .7z archive, because it is smaller.
Thx for this alternative^^

planned extras for the future:
- 7 or more new Islands (free to choose, of you want to play this 7 Extralands in the story. You can skip this worlds)

- 3D-Models of the B&W2-epic buildings for the B&W1-epics

- New textures or perhaps replacements of existing models with high quality models (for example using trees of b&w instead of b&w 1)

- more extra objects (at first I have to find a way, to increase the maximum limit of some objects, for example building or static objects in the info.dat or the exe file)

- a way, to make a big continental map for B&W (this is still buggy, more later in the other thread)

- more challenges and effects
- more music

Sorry, if someone downloaded the mod. There was an important file missing. I addet they as a separate download. With the next Upload the file is added to the rar.
I uploaded the modified .7z archive, link is still the same:
It has the needed files that you wanted to change/add. Would be better if you would use the .7z format also, it is smaller than .rar and can be opened by WinRAR too Smile
Very THX, good tipp^^
I made archives with the models and textures of the Wonders and the Trees of B&W 2.

Attached Files
.zip   exported (Size: 7.87 MB / Downloads: 4)
.zip   exported (Size: 3.17 MB / Downloads: 2)
Very thx!^^

Should be very usefull^^
If someone have ideas for good challenges, or wishes, you can write it to me per private message. Then I show, how I can make it possible^^

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