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Black&White Scripting language helps needed
Since 2005 I am working in B&W modding by writing and compiling scripts (challenges, own stories etc...) into the challenges.chl file.
At last I found, how I can make a condition, to check, if a "puzzle game", like the tree puzzle is finished.

But some thinks, I still need to find are important for me and I hope, that someone other have ideas or experiences, to help me.

1. I want to make, like the dolphin-challege in CI, that a water cannon shoot bubbles to the marker. But I don't know, how I can make this bubbles.
2. I want to play AVIs (like in B&W, where the creature falls into the vulcano, or the B&W intro video, of the god was born), but in CI the avis doesn't works. The script command itself for avis can be compiled successfully. I think, that it's a glitch of CI, that the AVIs can't be founded by the game.

   a. A way, to extract the CI and B&W challenge.chl to a scripting language, like the language, I use (see attachments). Perhaps, like the 6 or 8 scripts from the "scripting tools", or the "original scripts" (ChooseYouCreature.txt, MissionariesLeave.txt etc...) are other scripts of B&W or CI avaiable, like challenges from other lands (land 2), or all CI-trials?
   b. or to use alle three challenge.chl's (the of the original game, Creature Isle, and then my own challenge.chl) in  a order, so that CI starts, after B&W is finished, or my mod starts, after CI is finished). => In addition to this, if I want to use the challenge.chl of the original game in B&W, the game crashes. A way, to fix this want to be cool, so that for example I can use the CI creatures in the B&W story.
  *more I like to use variant "a", because then I can use own scripts, for example the multipickup (usefull for portals) or tribut mode in the original story or CI, by recompiling it the a single large challenge.chl

4. With the language (scripting tools) I don't can place this objects: bigforests, fish farms, waterfallls, worship sides.
5. Mapping: There are some map script commands, which exists, but doesn't work in a mapfile (or I doesn't use this commands correctly), for example CREATE_WATERFALL, or LOAD_CHALLENGE or CREATE_FOOTHPATH.
6. A way, to change with the scripting language the alignments of another player, like player 2 to evil, or player 3 to good.
7.  Perhaps (but I am not sure, that a scripting command for this exists) a way, to useother meshes for an existing single object (overwriting the existing mesh of the placed object) and a way, to use an additionally music file, instead of overwriting an axisting musicfile of the game.
8. like the race in CI, i want to draw a path (the red/white lines). I know, that I have to use the files, like the "/data/zones/racetrack1.exc" file, but I only know, how I can make borders  (like in land 1) for a map. Somebody have an Idea, how I can make a racetrack marking?
I am not sure, but I am thinking, that it's perhaps works with the alex special effect SPOT_VISUAL_ALEX_FENCE in some way....

For most commands, I use this file: (the scripting language documentation of B&W, but not complete and not all commands of CI).

Perhaps, if someone have a full scripting language documentation of B&W CI, they can give me the link or upload this file for me?^^
Then you probably will like the next update to this site that is nearly ready Smile There is a lot of interesting stuff.
Then I hope, that i doin't have to long for the Update^^

How much time the update needs?
Is there a way, to translate disassembled instructions into this Script language of LH?
Perhaps, with this I can make the dolphon canon bubbles, or adding the B&W1 Story into my Genesismod^^
It is taking a lot longer with the update than was planned, and that is the reason why I decided to give a little bit of information if you are so interested Smile
One of the things that will be revealed is the story mode scripts of Black & White. But I think that it is not the only thing that would be interesting for you.
Yay, that would be greatful!^^
I like to make from the B&W-Story, the CI Story and my Genesismod-Story a single big story in one pac, with own bugfixes for B&W and CI Challenges etc, Extrachallenges for the B&W and CI-Story or something more.

And, for example using my Multipickup in the B&W-Story would be very useful for a vortex into the next land.^^

Only one Problem, if I want to make the story working: CI have problems, with loading the avi video sequences, when I load them into a scriptfile. Some years ago, when I tested it in B&W with a own script file, there the video sequences works. I think, that something in the creatureisle.exe is corrupt and the function to call the avi sequences doesn't work.

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