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Find a ways together for modding problems
At first, I changed a block coordinate outside of the map region successfully!^^

And yes, I can move/expand the map-region too, to reach this block^^

And at next, I can add manually a new block with a hexeditor, but I still have to test, if I can place more blocks than the limit of 256 blocks.

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Hm! Sad
I have to say, that the blocks, outside of the 32x32 Grid are buggy. They appear, but they doesn't solid. I changed the coordinates of a single block in the data of the block, but only the textures with the right height of a cell appears, but not the ground itself as solid.

The 32x32 grid at the begin of the lnd-file shows, where, only inside of the 32x32 grid the solid ground for the block is stored... Sad

Perhaps it's with changing the assembler code in the exe-file possible, to read the solid coordinate of a block from the block data too, instead of the grid???

edit: later I make a picture of this.
(03-03-2017, 14:23)Kratzean Wrote: So, i found the Values for the Object Draw Distance by own!^^
But is was much work and not really easy....

So what value was it, and how can I alter it in my own game, so it looks better?

Or, will you release a .dll or patch so that it is easy to install?
It's still something buggy, and yes, I want to make it in another extratool or dll.

Perhaps the owners of this page can put it in his ddraw.dll.
But, that will probably take a while yes?

Oh well. :c I will play how it looks now.
I can say, with the informations, I found, you can take off the distance limit for objexcts, so that for example a villager, buidling, tree or other things are visible from far far away.

But there is another limit for a maximum number of objects (in the screen), the game can show at the same time. This byte make problems, if I try to increase the limit. I think, that there is no more space in the region for this.
How about increasing the LOD swap distance? Where the models remain higher quality further away? Is that possible?

I tried myself in BW1 to swap the LOD models for higher quality, but it crashed each time when recombining the AllMeshes.g3d
Two months ago, the site owner has released some usefull files, like the b&w1 challenge scripts for the different challenges.
Now I want to ask, if somebody have a Idea, how I can get the Challenge script files of b&w CI, because extracting the challenge.chl in a readable format is impossible at the moment.

Perhaps the site owner have a Idea or can do it the same way like with b&w?

I want to combine all story scripts intop a big story line.

Also there is a problem, that CI can't play bik sequences, like the intro of land 1, or when the creature is falling into the volcano in land 5. The script command for scriptfiles is avaiable in CI and the compiler can compile it without problems. When I opened creatureisle.exe with an hexeditor, I found the bik-files for the intro and the falling sequence. So I think, that there is a glitch, which stop the command from starting the bik files....
Perhaps somebody have an Idea to fix this? Because in my opinion the both bik-files are very important for the main b&w-story, when I want to add the challenges, together with the CI story and my Genesismod into a big story...

edit: Perhaps it's possible, to fix the problem with the bik sequences with IDA??

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