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Create info*.txt and chl files??
Hey! I want to ask, if it's possible, to make a info*.txt file backwards from a info.dat file?
Like extracting this file.

Because in CI there are no info*txt (from a MAC-Version) for this game. And a info*.txt file is easier to edit.
At first it's ok, to extract this file without using the (unknown) enums (like enums for creature isle buildings).

If there a way, or a tool to make this possible?

Perhaps it's possible in a similar way, to extract a chl file or ti write a tool to do this? Because I like to extract the CI info.dat file to use the script files from there, to merge it with my Genesismod Story.

Also there is a problem with the AVI sequences in CI, because in the creatureisle.exe file, there is some code missing, to use the avi sequences for modding. I like to find a way to fix this, so that I can use the original BW-Story in CI with the Avi Sequences.

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