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Mod Manager - replacing RAW textures
Which format do the textures need to be in, for the mod manager to properly replace the .raw textures?

Also, I am currently using the line;

AddNewEffect('Sky.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\Sky.tga');

is this the correct format?

Also, how do I perform the same for the Alpha layers? Just 

AddNewEffect('SkyA.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\SkyA.tga');

Next, does the mod properly load 2x the size or different sized textures. Because at the moment, the Sky texture isn't loading for me.

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Mod Manager - replacing RAW textures - by sylcai - 06-12-2017, 23:36

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