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BaW Graphics Mod Manager for AllMeshes.g3d and Landscapes?
It's possible, to load high quality textures with the BaW Graphics Mod Manager for the l3d-Files, stored in the AllMeshes.g3d?
Because l3d files (wothout the BaW Graphics Mod Manager) only can use 256x256 Textures. And for example for the B&W2-Trees I want to use the 1024x1024 textures.

And perhaps its possible, to use high quality textures (or modify the textures) of a single landscape to? I only want to make it possible, for landscapes, objects.... for all textures with a 256x256 format, to use higher formats like 1024x1024 or more, because this looks better.

It's possible or planed to add to the BaW Graphics Mod Manager functions, to use more memory for the game, so that thew game can show more objwects, effects and don't lag with the B&W trees, which I replaced with the BW-trees in the allmeshes.g3d?

edit: The new version of the GMM make problems with CI. Sometime the game crashes, or the game doesn't load the textures from data/textures....

edit 2: Replacing textures with "AddNewEffect('smallbump.raw', 'MAIN', ET_MAIN, EF_SELECTTEXTURE, 0, '#\smallbump.tga');" doesn't work... When I try it, sometime the game crashes too...
Sry, the GMM is a good idea and can make some nice texture changes, but is still very buggy. Sad At the moment it's impossible, to use it without problems in CI.
1) It is planned to make the BaW Graphics Mod Manager be able to target the AllMeshes.g3d. It is more difficult with the landscapes, so, maybe later.

2) There should be no problems with the memory. It is going to be a lot faster when the models will be replaced with the help of BaW Graphics Mod Manager.

3) Is the older version working better? Are you using new features, and if yes, then which ones? Is there same kind of problem in the normal B&W or only in CI?

4) Are you using uncompressed 32 bits per pixel .tga?
Ok, the problem with the replacing of textures I fixed, I forget the alpha.

The other problem (3) is still exists. I tried it with and without the different mods. Its only, when I use the ddraw.dll generally.
You still did not answer any of the questions in the 3) part. It is important.
The game can crash when minimized. It is not fixed yet.
Then I don't understand your question.

Its happened in CI with both versions (I tested the old too), but only some times. It's irrelevant, which mods/functions I use. I can add a "//" to each of the lines in the Main.txt, it doesn't change anything. Only when I don't use the ddraw.dll, then the game make no problems.
When I use the ddraw.dll sometimes CI crashes or have missing textures (like, when some of the textures folder files doesn't exists).
Have you tried with SetFullScreenWindowed? It may help.
Also, did you try using EnableAlignInfoTest? It is an experimental feature, need to know if it causes any problems.
No, but I can try both.

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