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Compiling a new challenge.chl file
You probably could have done that without fixing the endless loops.
Try that.
(04-28-2019, 16:36)Shane Wrote: Made some bigger changes here, such changing the music and changing what text is called through creating some custom branches.
Check it out:

Interesting stuff about Eternity! Was it mentioned anywhere before? Seeing it for the first time.
Possibly, but before the 2nd fix you gave me, Land 2 wasn't loading correctly so having those random endless loops fixed on random quests doesn't hurt at all  Big Grin

Nope, it's actually unused audio from the game. You can find them from "0x1604 -> 0x160E".
Seems like there were plans to include some sort of Game Over on Land 5. Well, that's my guess anyways!
It seemed to load correctly for me, though.
Without that loop fixer, many of the quests softlock the game, such as the rock throwing quest. Definitely better to have those fixed since my plan is to edit the existing quests rather than add new ones. 

For me anyways, some of the existing quests are bugged without the endless loop fixer. Haven't encountered any other issues either Big Grin

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