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Greetings, traveler!
This site is made for all who played, play or want to play an old, but great game, Black & White. Here you can discuss it on the forum, ask questions and find a range of important content, mostly official. Installation guide, patches, gallery, new projects (which were never uploaded anywhere before). Feel free to write me by email (contacts are in "About" section). New content is also planned.
  - Lant

01/01/2020 00:00

Happy New Year, Gods, Goddesses and Godesitos!
It was a long year with many perils, but we made it. Let the next year be good to our tribes, so the food and wood would never be depleted in out storehouses.
After many prayers, we managed to fix the email confirmation system on our forum, and shame on us that it took us so long. But accept this gift and be happy, because it could be even longer!
Anyway, celebrate this event, and don't get too drunk!

 - Lant

01/01/2019 00:00

Hello and happy new year!
We had bigger plans about B&W for the end of this year, but other projects required our attention, so... Not always everything goes like planned.
Anyway, happy holiday and may your Creature grow big and strong! But remember, it is the Year of the Pig, so lion, tiger, or wolf may scare it off. Cow for the win!
Until the next year!

 - Lant

25/03/2018 00:00

Well, hi everyone!
It is 25th again. And goblins decided to repeat their crime! Morons. Some day I will be able to protect my plans about the birthday of the game... But not today.
Anyway, a lot of work was done! Mostly about projects not related to the game. But some of it was indeed! Nothing finished though. Like I said already - goblins! I hope that I will be able to post something new soon.
Also, you probably didn't notice, but one very useful site noctalis.com was offline for some time. Now it is back. You probably should check it out, it has a lot of useful stuff about the game: walkthrough, easter eggs and so on.

 - Lant

01/01/2018 00:00

Ho ho ho, gods and mortals! We wish you interesting adventures in the coming year! Don't forget to play Black & White every day and from time to time check our website for updates!

 - Lant

30/12/2017 21:30

Hi everyone!
I want to show what type of work is going on at the moment. Just look at how overgrown a village may become if you don't play the game for a really long period of time. Poor children, they can't see where to run...
It is not all, just a little glimpse on the possibilities that may be opened after some time. Write your comments on the forum if you are interested or have any suggestions.

 - Lant

29/10/2017 14:00

The biggest work in previous update was done about the making of informative tables with info about the game (mostly about the Tribes: music, images, descriptions). Make sure to check them out.
By the way, here is a screenshot of some new stuff.
Game screenshot with visible euler angles of objects Next version of BaW Graphics Mod Manager will be written better, but not compatible with previous script version. UseModFile support will remain, so it will be possible to make one mod for different versions.

 - Lant

29/08/2017 19:00

Hi everyone.
The time has come for this big update to finally be born. Actually we planned to release it at 21 march, but different things got in the way, and later we decided to add more features. Maybe it is even good, because now this update is a lot bigger and better than was planned. Sadly, it is probably the last version supporting IE 4(if anyone is still using it!). But anyway, you can find a lot of new stuff. Here is the short list:

- Tables with additional information about Creatures, Miracles, Leashes, Tribes, Buildings and Trees
- Small fixes and new features on the site
- New version (0.51) of BaW Graphics Mod Manager (Small fixes, FullScreen windowed mode and a way to set the window size)
- Official script files taken from B&W for Mac
- Original info.dat files in Files/Missing Files part
- Two new articles: info.dat secrets and ZSpellFiles
- Some new Mods available on the forum
- Pictures of the websites on the Links page

Would be great to receive some feedback on the forum about the work that was done.
That is not all. One of the most important new things may be added separately soon.

 - Lant

26/03/2017 19:00

Sadly, there are still few things that need to be added or finished, so we decided to move the release again a little bit. But work is actively going. Soon, my friends, soon!
 - Lant

25/03/2017 20:00

Greetings, critical viewers!
Today is another birthday of our beloved game. We planned to release a new project for Black & White today, but evil gremlins interfered with our plans. Not our fault!
But the project is almost finished, I hope that tomorrow it will be uploaded and you will be able to check it yourself.
 - Lant

04/01/2017 00:00

Hi to everyone who still checks news here from time to time!
Another year is behind. Actually, it was planned to release this new content at 31 december, but some circumstances forced to postpone it for few days. Anyway... What can I say? This site is not abandoned, work is still going. Sadly, that mysterious project that I mentioned earlier is not finished yet. Instead there was a lot of progress on other stuff about this game.
- First of all, the site was updated (some new texts, information, redesign).
- Second, a forum. Maybe in a not finished shape, but it is something to start with, so you can ask questions there now. This forum software was created not by us and may be later stylized.
- Third, BaW Graphics Mod Manager was uploaded. You can use it to make graphical changes without changing any of the game files. Did you ever want to throw a green fireball and see green flames consuming your enemies? Now you can. Cheaper and more effective than ever! You can also change the player color/colors (and I mean to really ANY colors).
- Check more info and detailed description about BaW Graphics Mod Manager here. There you can also download the file, read the documentation about it and see the list of functions and effects. And, of course, our examples of BaW Graphics Mod Manager.
 - Lant

25/03/2016 15:30

Hi to all of our rare visitors!
Today is a special date, 15th anniversary of Black & White. This unique game deserves more attention than it has now and had before. But the world is like it is.
Anyway, we wanted to do something special for this date. Sadly, we were too lazy to do it in time. At the moment I can say only that the work is in progress. You may check the news from time to time. I hope that our mysterious project will be finished soon (or finished at all, at least). And then we can all dance under the rain and poop rainbows.
...Yep, I ate too many mushrooms again.
Happy anniversary!

 - Lant

01/01/2016 00:00

This newly opened site is made for all who played, play or want to play an old, but great game, Black & White. Here you can find a range of important content, mostly official. Information about installation, patches, gallery, new projects (which were never uploaded before). Feel free to ask questions by email. Later a forum may be added. New content is also planned.
Together with this site, some new content is being released, including a new version of BaW Patch, BaW Patch 2.0. This patch now not only solves the two problems with graphics by skipping two checks, but also a third problem, with add-ons, by skipping another check. The problem is caused by the lack of ProductId in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion in the Registry of newer Windowses.

 - Lant