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Hey guys.

Is there a way to edit the challenge.chl file? Or even force the game to use the quest .txt files that are available from the Mac version? (similar to using the .txt instead of the info.dat)
You can use the Scripting Tools (can you find here to compile a new challenge.chl with the txt files as a challenge source code.

But the only problem for b&w, instead of CI is, that some enums are different, for example some new objects or replacements and some enums are missing. If I find time, I want to make new enums, so that it would be possible, to make b&w challenge.chl files without errors.

Also you have to replace the ScriptLibraryR.dll in the "Scriptingtools/Plug Ins" folder with the one from "Black&White/Plug Ins", because they are different between  CI and B&W.

If you want to use some of the original b&w scripts with changes in CI, then you don't need to change enums for this.

Also the Attachment (BW1 Scripting) would be useful to understand, how the scripting language works.

But..... I am not sure about this, but in the (cracked) runblack.exe and creatureisle.exe, there are unused commands for map scripts, like "EDIT_LEVEL", "CREATE_WATERFALL", "CREATE_FLOWERS" or "LOAD_CHALLENGES" and "LOAD_RAW_GAME_SCRIPT" and much others.

For example, CREATE_FLOWERS works in CI maps, but also I think, in some ways, other of them would work too. In fact, the LOAD_CHALLENGES line (perhaps also the LOAD_RAW_GAME_SCRIPT) have something to   do with the challenge files, but I don't know, what. Perhaps you can load for a single map a own challenge.chl file, or start a challenge script inside the challenge.chl file directly, or perhaps (this would be nice), load a challenge from a txt file.

With this I would say, that perhaps it can be possible, to run own challenges, without replacing the original one or restart the game for another challenge file. This is one of the points, I want to test, because with this I can make own thinks possible, for example for single skirmish maps make allys or mini wining conditions (6 other players i a team VS 1 player which is very strong). Or you can create your own epic spell for a single map, like a mega-Town Destroyer Volcano tornado mix etc....

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