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Loading Problems with BW and CI - Kratzean - 06-10-2020

Black&White (and CI) have problems with loading. To load something, the game needs 2 minutes instead of some seconds. At the beginning of the Loading Screen, the game freezes for nearly the most of the time. The Loading Progress itself is normal.

I am Using Windows 8.1 and don't change the operating system in the last time. To make the PC faster, I opened my Pc and removed dust from the hardware, cleaned the PC with cleanig tools and make more speed with boost tools, but the problem is still exists.

I also reinstalled BW and used an unmodified version of CI, but it still doesn't works. I also tried most different settings from the setup.exe file. And all new patches are installed. Also I have automatic update active.

I doesn't have any ideas, I tried all... Until I can't fix it, I can't make much in modding BW or streaming the islands...