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Full Version: Multiplayer Scripting (CI)
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Managed to get some scripts running in Multiplayer through some custom "auto-run" functions. I tested out some of the following functions:

- Music (Playing the Nemesis theme in the video).
- Vortex spawning (Not really useful for Multiplayer since quests don't work but still cool to see).
- Allies (Player 1 & Player 2 are allies, just like Khazar's behaviour with the player. I'm most excited about exploring this some more).
- Weather events (Very heavy storm in the video as an example, definitely some cool things to do with this).

Check it out!:
Wow! Impressive! Does it cause non-sync between the players?
Nope, no desyncs.

Some desyncs/crashes when trying to load quests (only tried the SwapCreature script and that was an immediate desync and a crash a few seconds later, but still loaded).

Besides scrolls/quests, there are no desyncs. Gonna test some more soon so comment any suggestions!