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Full Version: File upload problems
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Thread for discussing of the file upload problems.
The archive seems to be damaged. Try to have normal compression. Better compression seem to be not accepted by this forum.
It's working now?

I hope it.
Strange, still not working.
Hm, on my PC, both archives works. Then I think, a problem with the attachments upload perhaps?
It is. When I used weaker compression there seemed to be no problem, though.

You sent this link before:
The file size matches, so the file is probably the same. I guess this link can be used instead, for now.
Well, I tried to download the files from the forum and they were currupted indeed... But when I downloaded them using FTP, they were working fine. So the corruption happens not while uploading, but while downloading. Files themselves are fine.
I tried to update the forum software, but sadly it didn't help. Not sure what is the reason, but going to search for a solution.
Should I move the messages about the forum upload/download problem to another topic to clean this one? Because now the first question is somewhat lost Smile
Yeah sure!
The problem with the file downloading was fixed Smile