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Full Version: Creating Multiplayer Maps
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Hi there.

I've been making a few multiplayer maps with no issues but recently I encountered a strange error. The maps I created without issues were 3 or more players (3 citadels).

I'm using BW Express to create the maps but for some reason, when I try convert a map with 2 or less citadels (2 players), it gives me an error saying that the map does not have enough citadels (less than 2), even though the map clearly has two.

Any idea why this is happening? If not, can anyone recommend a different tool that can create multiplayer maps? I tried setting up BWWorldMod but I couldn't get it working.

To change:

To restore:

To use on .exe file in XVI32
Also, can you answer in another thread here that you started?
Thanks, I'll give that a go!

Also, thought that was directed at Kratzean, my bad! Will answer that now