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Full Version: Newest update (30/12/2017) - Grass
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Hi everyone!

I want to show what type of work is going on at the moment. Just look at how overgrown a village may become if you don't play the game for a really long period of time. Poor children, they can't see where to run...

Watch video here

It is not all, just a little glimpse on the possibilities that may be opened after some time. Write your comments if you are interested or have any suggestions.

 - Lant
That is very good!!!!

I was trying too, to find a way ti add gras (like BW2) into the first game of b&w^^
I like this very!

Perhaps we can work together, to replace b&w objects with b&w2 objects?
At the moment I replaced last summer some of the b&w trees (thanks, for the models to you and .) with the trees of b&w2, but the game is sometime lagging now, because they have models have more details and by converting the models to l3d files, the pictures are converted to a 256x256 resolution, instead of a 1024x1024. But I am sure, that you and . have more experiences with modding with your graphics mod manager than me. But when my help is needed, I can help for a b&w, which looks more like a b&w2^^
Sorry for not answering for so long, was busy. New Year stuff and so on Smile
Thanks for offering.
If your help is going to be needed, gonna let you know. No need for now. And not much free time anyway for such projects. But check news from time to time, some interesting stuff may come in the future.
I hope your collaboration bares fruit, bros. I'd love to see some graphical updates to B&W.
(05-10-2018, 14:33)Fullenwider Wrote: [ -> ]I hope your collaboration bares fruit, bros. I'd love to see some graphical updates to B&W.


Progress about graphical update isn't big for now... But I am glad that someone got interested, it may give more motivation and speed up the process.